"The Time Travel Show - A 50 Year History of Rock N Roll" will take you on a musical journey back in time from the late 40's in the swing era with a rocking rendition of Glenn Miller's classic "In The Mood" all the way through the 80's touching on every era of music including Surf Music, The British Invasion, Psychedelic, Folk, Disco, 70's, 80's and Pop Music. Not only do you get the incredible music but you get the history lessons along the way.

The Time Travel Tour is a two hour scripted show that comes with a huge video projection system that is portraying the original groups and era of music that the band is performing live.

"Retrovox has done nothing but amaze me every time I have booked them! These guys are true musicians coming from various backgrounds and forming as one of the best bands I have ever heard! As soon as they played that first song I knew my clients were pleased as they hit the floor dancing the night away. They played everything from Glenn Miller to Pink Floyd. If you want a band that will entertain, you need to look no further...I recommend Retrovox...these guys rock!!! Also, these guys are easy to work with...no attitudes! Remember the name...RETROVOX."

Ken Woodward
-- The WKW Agency


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